Weather in Crimea



Weather in Crimea is a combination of maritime and continental climates. Temperature and precipitation depend on elevation. Crimea has three climatic regions: mountain, plains and south coast.


Climate in the mountains of Crimea is very variable depending on the altitude above sea level which causes large fluctuations in temperature and precipitation.  Annual rain can vary from 450 to 1200 mm. Winters can be cold with temperatures dropping below freezing at about -8˚C.


The plains area of Crimea has a temperate continental climate with hot and dry summers and cold winters. Annual precipitation is about 300 to 400mm. Summers are hot with temperatures around 28˚ to 30˚C/ 84˚F. Summer rains are not very common. Winter temperatures drop to -0.3˚/31.5˚F.

South Coast

The south coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild with average temperature rarely dropping below freezing. Mountains in the north protect the south coast from winds. Total annual precipitation is 500 to 600 mm. Summers are hot with an average temperature of 28˚C or 82.4˚F. Winter temperatures drop to 4˚C or 39.2˚F.


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